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Visit west java 2008




Garut Regency save a lot of tourism potentials such as Mount Papandayan, Cipanas, Crater Kamojang, Cangkuang Temple, white water rafting in Cimanuk river to beach tourism in Rancabuaya. Here are some tourist attractions in the city of Garut you might visit in your vacation :


Cikandang & Cimanuk White Water Rafting

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Not many people know that Garut has the potential for white water rafting is very challenging with beautiful views, precisely in the two rivers namely Cikandang and Cimanuk.

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Cipanas Garut

Located 6 km from Garut, exactly at the foot of Guntur Mountain, sensual, Cipanas is the main tourist resort in Garut with hot water bath most nodes in Indonesia. With resort facilities, hotels and restaurants various classes, swimming pool, wading room, and a very easy accessibility makes Cipanas a superior tourism object in Garut.


Ngamplang Garut

Ngamplang a tourist resort with Dutch colonial heritage sinatorium name Ngamplang and one of the place that has ben visited by Charlie Chaplin, the Queen of the Netherlands, the French prime minister and other officials. Currently serves as Ngamplang 9 Hole Golf Course with Garut city foreground and background of Mount Cikuray.

Temple Cangkuang.

Candi cangkuang

The only Hindu temple that has the most complete restored in West Java to the VII century relic is located on an island in the lake / Cangkuang there, where there are six traditional houses called Kampung Pulo. With your bamboo raft across the overgrown situ lotus Cangkuang to reach the village temple and island. By passing the rice fields as far as the eye could see, located only 16 km from Garut town, or about 45 Km from the city of Bandung.




Cangkuang there.

Situ Cangkuang

There is the largest in Garut, with an area of about 124 Ha. Is about 14 km from Garut city road flanked by broad fields. You can be there around this by using a bamboo raft of local tourism community while enjoying the fresh mountain air.


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There are quite a lot of hotels in Garut town, especially in resort areas seberti Cipanas. This place is very crowded tourists visited almost every weekend

because it is not too far from the city Jakarta.

Curug Orok.

Curug Orok

Curug Orok / snore waterfall located in the tea plantations Papandayan, this waterfall has a height of about 20 Meters. The uniqueness of this waterfall is the presence of an underground river, river water is very clear. Curug snore are about 35 Km from the city towards Bungbulang Garut.

Curug Citiis.

Curug Citiis

Adjacent to Cipanas, can be reached on foot to the north about 2 km to the road climb. Source of this waterfall from Mount Guntur.

Curug Cihangawar.

Curug Cihanyawar Garut

This waterfall has a height of about 15 meters, is located at the foot of the mountain Cikuray. Is about 15 Km from the city of Garut, can be achieved by using 06 urban transportation.

Curug Neglasari.

Curug Neglasari

This waterfall is located in the plantation Neglasari. The uniqueness of this curug is the falling water is stratified, an unique beauty.

Ranca Buaya.

Pantai Ranca Buaya

Rancabuaya have characteristics of malignant south coast for dealing directly with the Indian Ocean, but very comfortable to be enjoyed either from the shoreline with a traditional port accessories, as well as views from the top is decorated with thousands of cliff swallow. Located about 120 Km from the city of Garut, or about 4 hours drive through Bungulang or through Pamengpeuk. Complete enough facilities for the travelers, such as lodging and food stalls, whitewater, but do not expect luxury accommodations or luxury restautant in this place, because it still looks simple, but this is where the unique.

Papandayan crater.

kawah papandayan

Mount Papandayan has a height of 2638 m above sea level is a volcano that is still active but very safe place to visit up to the lips of their crater. This mountain has several craters are named after the new crater, crater mas, craters and crater Manuk nangklak. Is about 29 km in the southern city of Garut, the objects that you should visit the locations include Mount Papandayan saladah cottage, tegal square, long tegal, edelweis fields, etc..

Paranje Reef.

karang paranje garut

Is a single rock that rose on the estuary shoreline Cicelang, about 85 Km from the city of Garut. Coral is often used for fishing is very exciting.


saneang garut

Leweung Sancang (black forest) with an area of approximately 2,500 hectares as the death legend Siliwangi king and his followers who think the local people's confidence kaboa transformed into a tree, a kind of mangrove trees. This region is very suitable for the area of environmental studies and forestry with the completeness of tropical flora and fauna, are also suitable for adventure tourism and fishing.

Kamojang crater.

kawah kamojang

The crater is a tourist attraction kamojang wilderness since the Dutch colonial era. Being in the middle of the jungle, at an altitude of about 2000 meters above sea level with a wealth of flora and fauna is very abundant and rich natural resources which are used for geothermal power plants as geothermal largest in Asia. This region is the border between Garut and Bandung, but are more accessible from the town of Garut.


santolo garut

One of the most popular beaches in Garut, located about 88 Km from the city of Garut. Arrive at this coast we can directly across the mouth of a small canoe to get to the island Santolo. In this place we will see the floodgates of Dutch heritage. This beach-shaped bay. Is the surface unique south coast is higher than the surface of the north coast, which formed curugan.

Sayang Heulang.

Sayang heulang garut

This beach directly adjacent to the beach Santolo, separated by a small river where there is a phenomenon where the sea water down to the river of fresh water. There is also a shallow reef clusters that can be enjoyed immediately without having to dive.

Ciburuy site.


Approximately 17 km from Garut city is located in the village Ciburuy, Pamalayan village, Kec. Cigedung. Ciburuy site is thought to be the oldest archaeological site in garut who had organized and managed. There are ancient texts of the guidelines to live in peace written on palm leaves and palm leaves and stored in bumi padaleman, also weapons such as kris, tumbak / spear, trident, cleaver and joint goong instrument which is the origin of art gamelan patemon stored on the couch. For supplies there are leuwit or rice. The ritual was held in place on the week to three months Muharam at 19:30 o'clock Thursday night called Seba ceremony.

Dukuh Traditional Village.
Situated 8 Km north of the district. Cikelet, Kampung Dukuh / Hamlet standing around in the 1700s, consists of 40 custom homes a simple Sunda, a sacred spring, shrine, cover areas, restrictions, reserves, and deposit claim. This village was led by a kuncen for indigenous affairs, in this village can not use modern equipment. Simplicity, unity with nature, respect for the older and run the Islamic Shari'a is part of the tradition of daily life hamlet village. Ritual performed on 12 Maulud as a warning Hamlet Village establishment.





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